In my work with those in transition, what continually amazes me is that so many are waiting for the Queen of England, Merlin or, hell, maybe even Ahhhhnold to come to their front door, instruct them to bow on one knee, lower their head to receive a touch from the sword of prosperity upon the crown of their skull, and utter these magic words:

“Ye are anointed and released from the shackles of the 7th moon of Uranus which has shackled you and held ye dormant. From this moment forward, God speed shall be with you and forever fuel the wind of your sails. Now, go, and fulfill the destiny of your soul!”

And, like a dog who has crossed the line of an invisible electric fence, their spirit is awakened, the rush of life charges through their veins, and the once insurmountable obstacles become trivial pebbles on their path of fate.

Ok, surrealism aside… here’s the truth, Ruth:

1) No one is coming to your door (except maybe a couple of Mormons).
2) There will never be a moment in time to get ‘started.’
3) The stars will never align and everything will be ‘as it should.’
4) The permission you’re waiting for doesn’t exist.

But, just in case you need to hear those elusive, magical words from someone who believes in you, when you’re done reading this post, please go to your closest mirror, look yourself in the eyes and say…

“I believe in you, love you and hereby anoint you as the Chosen one. The world awaits you and the time to get started is… now.”

In the words of one of my Circle of 10 clients, Andrea Robinson, “You are the solution to someone else’s problem.”

Your life begins anew as soon as you read the next five words. You’ve got work to do.