Ok, I’ll admit it… I admire Kim Kardashian. There I said it.
My admiration doesn’t stem from appreciating her… well… assets.
It goes deeper than that (alright, I’m done with the puns).

My admiration stems from the fact that Mrs. Kardashian-West has the ovaries to be polarizing.

Just in case you’ve been on vacation and without internet access, Kim chose to bare all for a Paper Magazine cover shoot. The photos were subsequently posted online and let’s just say that the internet exploded with banter, debate, hatred, love, and curiosity.

Seriously, how can one ass (that is what many will tell you she’s most famous for) cause so much drama? We all have one. Yes, they are all different shapes, sizes, and colors, but the fact remains that no matter how you slice it, her’s is just another rear-end on the planet filled with billions of ’em.

And, yet, this derriere has caused quite the uproar. Why? Because she chose to bare all? That can’t be it — porn has been around since Al Gore started the internet (ok and for centuries before that). Because she’s a mother and should have thought more about the repercussions this photo shoot will have on her child? Nope – PLENTY of moms have dropped their underthings and smiled for the camera. Because it shows disrespect for her husband? Nope. Kanye is eating it up… (ok, seriously, that’s the final pun).

So, why all the fuss? My take is simple — Mrs. K is a creator and, when you put something forth for the world to judge, people are going to line up on either side of you — they’re either going to love ya or they’ll hate ya — there’s seldom a middle ground.

Fact is, it’s EASY to be a critic and HARD to be a creator.

Want to know the secret of life? Here it is: The key to finding happiness is to recognize that there is NO life in the middle. Forget about what people think of you… just make sure they think of you.

And, the world thinks about Kim a LOT. As of this writing, she has over 25 million Twitter followers, is the 3rd most popular person on InstaGram, and last year alone, she grossed over $100 million (that is not a typo).

So often we fight who we are, what we have, and what comes most naturally to us. We search and search for meaning, our purpose, how we can impact the world and, often, question whether we have any talent whatsoever.

This is not a debate over whether or not Mrs. K has talent – it’s a call to bare arms (ok, there’s another pun – couldn’t resist). It’s a call to leverage and cultivate the Gifts you have been given.

It’s a call to take a position, any position (ok, I promise I’ll stop) and make damn well sure the world knows you’re here.

You have been given an incredible Gift to share. Remember, your WHAT has chosen you, it is not that which you have chosen.

My hope is you view Kim’s photo shoot for what it is… an opportunity to further her mission and message — that we shouldn’t be ashamed of who we are — that we shouldn’t apologize for embracing our natural state — and that regardless of where the race starts, it is solely up to us to CHOOSE where and how we’ll finish.

Getting back to your core, where all of the outfits you’ve been wearing, the personality and character traits you’ve embodied and the shackles of your past are stripped away, is your ultimate objective.

Fact is, life starts over right now.

What you choose to do in this moment, and in every moment that follows, is a conscious choice and has direct impact on the quality of your existence.

Let Kim’s display serve as a wake-up call that if you choose, in this very moment, to have the courage to let it all hang out, not only will the world stand at attention to take notice (eh-em) you’ll ultimately be rewarded for doing so.

What’s your next move?