I wholeheartedly believe one person has the opportunity to impact the world. I have strong confidence that person is you.

As founder of The Reinvention Workshop and author of the New York Times bestseller What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do, I’ve had the honor of working with thousands of people and have witnessed incredible stories of transformation. I assure you that you, too, have the potential to powerfully affect both those who share this lifetime with you and also those of lifetimes to come.

Consider the journeys of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, and Mohatma Gandhi—three of the most widely recognized, polarizing figures of the last 150 years. None were born into privilege. Each tapped into their inherent blueprint to access their natural God-given Gifts. Each identified the specific Vehicle they would use to share their Gifts with the world and was clear on whom they were most compelled to serve.

In other words, they discovered their WHAT, were willing to pursue their WHAT with reckless abandon, and persevered until they brought their WHAT to fruition. This is a formula that has repeatedly been leveraged for centuries to create dramatic results. A model you can, and absolutely should, emulate.

If you have yet to identify your WHAT, no worries, you’re far from alone. The majority of the population will reach their deathbed without being clear on just one component of the equation; far fewer will identify two; and, an infinitesimal number will identify all three. Further, only a small fraction ever considers the possibility they were put on this planet to achieve something amazing and, of those, nary a handful will put in the legwork to make it happen.

This may help to explain why so many tend to gravitate towards those who appear to be ‘living the dream.’ How else can you rationalize why myriad Hollywood-related TV shows exist, tens of thousands pack stadiums for rock concerts, and some will spend hours in the rain just to catch a glimpse of a popular actor?

The answer is evident: We’re naturally attracted to those who we believe are living their lives to the fullest—people who touch our soul, inspire us to take action, and are living their WHAT. Fortunately, there’s no magic formula, silver bullet, or hidden secrets of success that you must uncover in order to join the ranks of those ‘living the dream.’ Discover your WHAT, work your tail off, share your Gifts with the world, and achieve both peace and prosperity.

It really is that simple. The world is waiting for you. (Click here to download your FREE copy of What Is Your WHAT)