A recent interview with Dr. Isaac Jones on Superhuman Entrepreneur…



My mission is to wake people up to the notion they have something unique unto themselves that other people are waiting for them to deliver. And while we all have this innate purpose in our DNA, many people die without discovering it because they lack clarity on how to zero in on that purpose and then put it into practice. Your gift can be anything – entertaining, writing, healing, etc. But Steve points out that most of us don’t want to let go of the other things we identify with in order to pursue that one true gift that is more dominant than the others.

The “What is Your What” framework consists of three legs:

  1. Determine what your one true gift is.
  2. Figure out what vehicle or method you will use to share that gift with others.
  3. Find the people you are most compelled to serve.

Expect the vehicle you will use and the people you are most compelled to serve to be organic and fluid and to change over course of your life, but remember that your innate gift is static and unchanging.

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