Sharón’s Backstory

Sometimes we are so fortunate as to have a variety of interests and skill sets.  That is the good news. The alternative news that comes with many gifts comes many responsibilities. Which gifts could I share that would benefit others the most? When it is difficult to see one’s own direction and difficult to know which gift would be the best to explore, one turns to others for insights.

At the time I decided to get outside input I was a math schoolteacher.  I was good at explaining math to students, grading papers, keeping parents informed, and tutoring students after hours.  I wished to know if that was the best direction for me to continue doing what I had done for so many years. The other choice was to continue my research into interpreting the letter placements in someone’s name. This methodology is useful as so many people get to know themselves and others better, which allows them an unprecedented relief into knowing their purpose.  Neimology® Science is also useful for Human Resource departments to narrow down the appropriate applicants to interview and for lawyers in choosing juries, and for teachers in seating charts and so much more. Group people together by their names and you have dynamic groups that accomplish their tasks eloquently.   Which direction to go?

Sharón’s Reinvention

I thought Reinvention would assist me in seeing which direction to go, continue teaching or being an author and continue sharing Neimology® Science. Thus, I was incredibly surprised when Reinvention opened up a third avenue for me, one I had not considered previously.  The third alternative, learned from What Is Your WHAT? involves my spiritual path, what I’ve learned from ample reading coupled with extensive travel to learn from gurus and spiritual leaders around the world.

Sharón’s Vision For the Future

My new option was to use my intuitive gifts and spiritual understandings to assist others in realizing how the world works and how to create better life using this added knowledge.  I have thus incorporated my spiritual understandings into my name analysis readings, and writing a book on how to take the airy-fairy part of spiritual understandings and implement them on a daily basis.  We all face tough situations both mentally and emotionally. How do we handle these situations using the highest of what we know?  Realigning with my reinvention goals versus questioning my earlier directions has assisted me in being able to create new goals and become excited about what my future holds in its ability to assist others.

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