Edie’s Backstory 

I am a recovering Type A, recovering workaholic, co-dependent who literally worked herself into a heart attack at age 55 on June 12, 2014. Although I knew my ‘what’ has always been about embracing my passion as a communicator in written and spoken form, I struggled with consistently monetizing it so I could relax and slow down. For at least two years, I had been working at least twice as many hours a day as I slept at night, (perhaps 5 or 6 hours) and said that sleep was highly over-rated.
For the past several decades, I had worked as a therapist, journalist, minister and speaker. I now write for Psych Central, The Huffington Post, Beliefnet, Elephant Journal, The Good Men Project. I had written for Elements Behavioral Health, Addiction.com and Reach Out Recovery. (budget cuts created layoffs, sadly): I look forward to immersing in the book to continue my inspirational journey and learn about ways that I can incorporate what I am already doing that is working with new ideas to step up my game and ease back my over-zealous hamster wheel spinning.  I am open to learning a new HOW, rather than WHAT. I have the feeling that the book will be a beautiful reminder.

Edie’s Reinvention 

I divide my life into two time frames:  BHA (Before Heart Attack) and AHA (After Heart Attack) and decided while I was recovering that I wasn’t going to let the experience go to waste. I entered into treatment that included cardiac rehab, meds, dietary improvement and most important, attitude adjustment that called for transforming from Wonder Woman who practice ‘savior behavior to The Bionic Woman who now has a stent (which I call my bionic body part) keeping my artery open. I now honor my own heart far beyond what I was doing as I honored that of others. I have learned to say no and also allowed others to do things for me as well as I am increasingly willing to receive. I have been writing and speaking about this to all kinds of groups, educating them about heart care.

Edie’s Vision For The Future

I am doing more writing and speaking, traveling and teaching about wellness, relationships, spirituality, sexuality, loss and grief, taking it on the road. I am also allowing myself to go inward and discover piece. I am co-authoring a book and editing another. I look forward to continuing to be of service and supporting myself abundantly.

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