Below is a list of completely unfiltered, unedited responses to my post – Why The Next President Should Be A Woman. You can access the original post HERE.

1) Hello Steve:

What a beautiful email! I completely agree with these 4 points of view. And I also completely agree that the next US president should be a woman!

GOD bless you for these beutiful words and for acknowledging the role played by women in society!

Have a blessed day,

Sorina – one of your subscribers.
Toronto, ON, Canada

2) Your article is so far off base as to whom or what the next president should be it is incredible.

The next president needs to be qualified to be president and have had actual experience in business and an understanding of how government should work and the constitution

We now have the least prepared, most ill-qualified, non-experienced person that has ever sat in the white house as president because a lot of people thought we needed a black person,

He never had a job, he was never held accountable for his actions, he has no knowledge of how a legitimate government should operate, he has no idea how an economy works, he has no idea what his powers are and aren’t as delineated in the congress, he gets a total pass on everything he does as president because the press claims if you don’t like his policies you are racist, he is a disaster

Now you’re saying we need someone whose sole qualification is she has a vagina, what a trip in fantasy and political folly you must be taking

Some women are good communicators, some are abysmal, just like men

Some are nurturers, some are in prison for killing their babies

The next president needs to be elected because they are the best person to be elected, not because of color, ethnicity, sex or background

Joe C.

3) You’ve lost your frigging mind!

Harry D.

4) Steve,

As a Woman, I am only going to vote for the most qualified Candidate! As far as Hillary Clinton she is NOT a good example of a Leader, a Nurturer or someone who can engage People! I think she represents the worst traits of a Politician and I am so disappointed that many of my Friends are going to vote for her just because she is a Woman! I have no Political Party and am an Independent. I would vote for a Woman, a Man, a Green Party, a Gay, a Republican, A Democrat, a Libertarian, anyone who can lead the Country, but I am not going to vote for them just because of their Race, Gender, or Sexual Orientation!

Just my opinion,

Holly Z.

5) Interesting way to approach Mother’s Day in a week. I’m all about Mothers and equality in the workforce. But I am totally against Hillary for President.

Paul B.

6) Hi Steve,

I asked God about this when Hillary was up against President Obama. He told me he never intends for a woman to run the country. I agree as a woman we are great leaders, influencers and a force to be recon with. Unfortunately POTUS is not to be a female.


7) Steve..You have some good points there.
However, if Hillery ever got elected President, which she won’t, I will leave the country and go to Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Women belong in the bedroom and havin babies…………….. Please don’t send me anymore emails. Thank You.

Dearld D.

8) Unfortunately Hillary is none of those.
Woman r always celebrated after all they are the ones who have to carry the newborns
I really think it’s the media and not the woman stirring the pot. I know plenty of successful Professional woman that do very well
Funny part is most men r intimidated by that
I always said a person creates their own self worth man or woman If they don’t think much if themselves or lack confidence they won’t ask for what they are worth and there lies the problem
This works for both man and woman and it actually is happening more because people r being suppressed more and more and many settle just to have a pay ck. That’s where I think our education system has failed They train kids for a JOB a 9-5 JOB instead of awakening their creativity to think outside the box
I know not everyone can be an entrepreneur and that’s what makes the world go round. But at least they should be made ware
Lastly there is nothing wrong with a woman taking on role of housekeeper and mom or dad staying home It’s important when raising children to have one home to nurture and teach
Unfortunately we gave dad working two it three jobs and mom one or two and no one is watching the kids. Except daycare.
Our gov has done a great job in breaking down the family unit
Thanks for letting me vent and rant

Vince B.

9) These are sexist assumptions.
Hillary should be President because she is a capable person with the best qualifications, not because she’s a woman — who may or may not have these stereotyped characteristics. No one would ever write this type of defense for a man — because it would be clear it was sexist!

Betty P.

10) I’m Canadian.

Diane R.

11) Hi Steve,

Please mention some “conservative” women, not just a liberal like Billary.

I agree with a woman being President….I just don’t think that you are talking about the right one. She clearly fails on your first “reason”, communication….just look at how she has lied.

To me, she represents a woman displaying many of the “bad” traits associated (sometimes rightly) to men.

Just some food for thought…don’t eat too much. 🙂

Tim H.

12) The next president should be the most qualified person regardless of being a man or woman.

Tony N.

13) First, you are assuming those at the important characteristics of being the President of the United States. It could easily be argued are current president has those characteristics and has turned out to be a terrible leader.

Second, even if those were the most important factors for a good president, just because women “in general” may have those characteristics, it does not mean the woman/women running would have them.

You statement is just plain dumb!!!!!

Larry L.

14) Not a CHANCE. I’m a woman and I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton if she was a man or a woman or a white or an African American – she is a failed criminal and should be in jail. Give it up. She won’t be the first token woman president.

Sandy R.

15) Steve, I have two masters degrees and taught social issues for forty years, including the Constitution.
Perhaps you have forgotten Ronald Reagan, an excellent communicator. He also was high on integrity, which Hillary obviously lacks. Am I correct that GM is run by a woman who allowed people to die rather than recall cars? I prefer a President who believes in the values which made this country great, the federal system, making sure all laws are obeyed…and in not being an arrogant, hypocritical, despicable liar. By the way I am an independent who has voted for members of both parties.

Bruce B.

16) Your statement is a big reason for me to unsubscribe.

Martin L.

17) Hello! Steve

I guess you may not know what is going on in this Country but the people who should be in office in America will never be elected because it is rigged. All the main news media is controlled by the government and the Federal Reserve which is not Federal but private and they control the money supply. If you need to be Educated on what is going on in this Country go to I like your letter but we should have a broad mind and find out the Truth of all things in our life.
Thank you.

With Love Light Happiness and Truth,

Ronald B.

18) There is no reason for the next president to be a woman…….just as there was no reason for a black person (even if only half black) to be president. You can see how well choosing a black for president, just because he is black, has worked out.

Rather we should be mature enough to not get caught up in the juvenile thought process of electing a woman or black, or whatever, for that reason alone. Now, if a woman who has not proven to be without honesty, as Hillary Clinton has been proven to be, more times than I can count, I would definitely consider a woman.

The choice should not be made on skin color or race, but rather on competency, performance, and integrity. It is sad that Marin Luther King Jr.’s words have been bastardize to fit the liberal’s agenda.

Brad H.

19) Steve,

You’re an idiot. Take me off your mailing list.


20) NO, YOU’RE WRONG! The next president should NOT be a woman since this would mean that Hilary would win! Have you forgotten that she along with the rest of this corrupt administration LIED outright to the American people when she blamed the Benghazi incident on a Muslim video and then said, “What difference does it make?”?! She is responsible for the deaths of 4 people including Ambassador Stevens and 3 Navy Seals! It makes a lot of difference to the families of these 4 men. New e-mails have been released due to a FOIA request by Judicial Watch which proves that she was involved in this cover-up! Your friend has a foreign name so doesn’t even sound like an American. You should never mix business with politics since it’s a losing battle.

Andrea K.