Seriously? What is wrong with people and, more specifically, those who see violence as their only option to express their frustration, hatred and warped idealistic values?

At least 50 dead in an attack inside of an Orlando (gay) nightclub last night. A sole shooter is responsible with, according to officials, ‘leanings towards a particular religious practice’.

First and foremost, prayers, hugs and light to those directly impacted by this tragedy. Second, at what point do we need to take stronger actions towards ‪#‎guncontrol‬ ‪#‎suspectedterrorists‬ and ‪#‎education‬ ?

Perhaps we need to put our legislators graveside at the funerals for each of these 50 families so they can witness first-hand the pain and impact their ignorance and apathy has on those afflicted by their unwillingness and inability to come to a meaningful consensus on overarching measures that MUST be enacted.

Perhaps we need to ask our legislators to move into the West and South sides of Chicago and walk their children to school through the gunfire and blood on the streets. (Michael Pfleger)

Perhaps we need to implore our legislators to sit down with the leaders of forward thinking countries and its people where violent atrocities committed against the innocent are minimal occurrences and who recognize and implement alternative strategies for law enforcement and enforce legislation that restricts access to weapons that have the ability to decimate mass numbers of people in seconds.

Clearly, Columbine didn’t get our legislators’ long-term attention, nor did Virginia Tech, Newtown, San Ysidro, San Bernadino, Fort Hood, Binghamton, Aurora, Roseburg, Charleston or any of the other tragedies.

Is there an easy solution? Of course not. But rather than spend trillions incarcerating those of crimes related to drugs that should be legalized, wars that we have no business participating in and countless other spending improprieties and irresponsible use of public funds, perhaps our elected officials can CHOOSE to invest in measures and policies that actually provide a reasonable ROI.

We are at a clear inflection point that, hopefully, future generations will look back on and say that this was the time when America took a stand for eradicating violence against the innocent and stopped merely talking and started ACTUALLY doing.

Maybe my vision for a world where ‪#‎Rape‬ carries a longer sentence than a DUI, where ‪#‎Murderers‬ aren’t treated with kid gloves because of ‘possible mental instability’, and where those who ‪#‎Steal‬ from the elderly and ‪#‎Rob‬ them of their life savings isn’t met with anything less than castration is an imaginary world that I can only fantasize about.

Or, maybe, just maybe, I’m not the only one who has this dream and holds this vision as A possibility for our world and we may just turn the corner on this yet.

However, reality dictates that creating a world where our children can walk the streets without fear; where racism, sexism and intolerance are but distant memories from times past; and, candidates such as ‪#‎Trump‬and ‪#‎Clinton‬ are NOT our selected choices to lead this country is but a pipe dream.

It is, however, pipe dreams and extraordinary visions (and visionaries) who have created meaningful change and I, for one, refuse to stop dreaming.

If you hold a better vision for our world and are committed to being a dreamer and staying the course until we create it together, can I get an ‘AMEN’?

Clearly, we need all the prayers we can get. ‪#‎Peace‬ and ‪#‎Love‬