One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “Steve, if I want to start a podcast or really start leveraging the power of new media, what would you recommend?”

Well… in this detailed conversation with Joel Erway of Experts Unleashed, I share exactly that — my detailed strategies for leveraging the power of new media to create massive visibility, virtually endless, highly-targeted leads and serious revenue… at NO cost!

Watch this in-depth interview and learn:

* What is new media and why is it so influential in today’s space for building authority and credibility?
* What is my event, The New Media Summit, and why should every coach, author, speaker, holistic practitioner, consultant and small business owner attend?
* How will podcasting evolve?
* What does this evolution mean for accessing content in the future?
* How can the average business owner leverage podcasts for their brand?
* What is the Podcasting Profit Path and why is it so important to understand this prior to launching your own show or being a guest on other people’s shows?
* If you do launch your own podcast, how should you use it to connect with influencers, network with high-caliber game changers and add value for others?
* How does the world of podcasting and the concept of reinvention intersect?
* How my career pivot points have propelled me into becoming a successful entrepreneur who has created 4 multi-million dollar businesses from scratch
* The massive opportunities that podcasts can bring to your business
* The most important details to keep in mind when starting a new podcast
* Where I see the future of new media going
* And, more

Before you start down the path of trying to leverage the power of new media, take 50 minutes to listen to this interview. It’ll shave YEARS off your learning curve and help you achieve profitability with your new media initiatives faster than you ever thought possible.