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The GUIDANCE and ACCOUNTABILITY experience specifically created for extraordinary people looking to make a bigger impact in the world with their message, dramatically increase their revenue, and achieve “Icon” level status in the marketplace.

ICON MAKER is NOT another mastermind (though we do have an awesome community of game-changers who are here to support you)…

ICON MAKER is NOT another coaching program (though we do have accomplished coaches who are here to hold you accountable and show you precisely what to do)…

And, ICON MAKER is definitely NOT another ‘business accelerator’ (though we do have available high-level DONE-FOR-YOU services that will propel your New Media Sales & Marketing Machine forward… FAST).

Simply stated, ICON MAKERis a unique engine of reinvention that drives growth, upgrades businesses and transforms its participants.


This is your invitation to have an unparalleled team by your side who will guide you, and hold you accountable for, MASSIVELY up-leveling your influence and mastering the marketing, sales and operational skills that will serve you for the LIFE of your business.

Icon Definition

Imagine how your business (and your life) will transform when…

  • You’re no longer the world’s best-kept secret and you’ve attracted a legion of loyal, borderline fanatic subscribers, fans and customers
  • You can stop wondering why ‘they’ get all of the attention because you’re finally seen, and featured, as the go-to-authority in your niche
  • You’re able to consistently and effortlessly reach those you are MOST compelled to serve and your mission and message reaches those who are literally praying for you to show up in their lives
  • You can focus on the business initiatives that optimize your genius and you have the right people in place to bring your vision into reality
  • You’re earning what you KNOW you deserve and you have the freedom to enjoy the activities, and the people, you love most


  • Once, and for all, you have an automated, proven system in place that generates visibility, leads and revenue for you AT WILL.

If you’re ready to stop imagining what it would be like to bring these to fruition and start securing the visibility you rightfully deserve, become the ‘Icon’ you were absolutely born to be and realize the financial, spiritual and emotional freedom unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, then we highly encourage you to apply now to secure one of the available openings in ICON MAKER.

Let’s do this!

Steve Olsher


Steve Olsher

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ICON MAKER is what I wish I had when I started in this business a decade ago…

I remember ‘it’ like it was yesterday.

The year was 2009. The month was January. I had a solid run for the better part of 20 years as an entrepreneur.

Opened my own nightclub at 19.

Started a catalog business with my mom in 1991.

Launched on CompuServe’s Electronic Mall in 1993.

Built one of the first 500 3-commerce sites in 1995.

Acquired the Liquor.com domain in 1998.

Filed the S1 to go public in 1999.

Developed over $50MM in real estate between 2000 and 2008.

And, then one day I woke up.

I mean… I literally woke up.

It became crystal clear that my life was of meaning to me and those closest to me… but, literally NO ONE else.

I knew I was meant and made for more.


My hunch is you know this about yourself too.

For the last 10 years, I’ve fought tooth and nail to figure this game out. And, I have.

I’ve invested well over $2,000,000 hiring coaches, joining group programs, attending conferences, writing books, producing podcasts, hosting live events, conducting webinars, launching online course, creating membership programs, facilitating coaching groups and testing darn near every marketing strategy available.

You, however, don’t have to.

ICON MAKER is the FAST PASS to the front of the line.

ICON MAKER represents the culmination of scrapping my way towards understanding precisely what works in TODAY’S new media world.

It is the solution that, perhaps, you’ve been searching for.

Here is what 35 years
of growing multiple
7-figure businesses
has taught me

Steve Olsher



Without Visibility, you will not generate Leads.
Without Leads, you will not generate Revenue.
And, without Revenue… well, you know what will happen to your business.

And, like a tripod, you need all three legs upon which to build a solid foundation for your business to thrive.

Fact is, generating Visibility and Leads is harder than ever. Cutting through the noise is difficult… and expensive.

Yesterday’s marketing strategies are not nearly as effective as they once were. And, far too many business owners are in denial about this—burying their heads in the sand hoping that what worked before will work again—wasting precious time, energy and resources in the process.

To succeed today?

You need to put a Visibility, Leads & Revenue sales and marketing machine in place that works in automated fashion FOR YOU and your business 24/7/365…

We call this, The New Media ATM.

When built… Visibility, Leads & Revenue are generated Automagically.


ICON MAKER empowers you to become a highly-visible, highly-paid & highly-influential entrepreneur who easily and consistently reaches the masses with your mission and message.


The aim of ICON MAKER is to induce lasting growth in your business. At the same time, revenue trend lines for most growing businesses reflects that of a high-speed roller-coaster. That’s why we’ll tackle short-term income wins, help you to secure meaningful visibility opportunities and guide you to generate revenue from day 1.


To help you become the ‘Icon’ you were meant to be, we plant rich seeds by providing you the resources launching your podcast, building a proven-to-convert, automated online funnel and creating your professionally produced online course… all done FOR YOU and, of course, with you.

And, we get it all done over the course of our year together… Not 3, 5 or 10 years from now.

Your New Media ATM will be in place and working for you in expedited fashion. The balance of our time together focuses on SCALE.



If you are…


  • A mission-driven entrepreneur who is ready for MORE and to step out of the shadows to impact those you are MOST compelled to serve in a major way
  • A career-oriented, or retired, professional who is ready to share your brilliance and leave a legacy you can be PROUD of
  • A business owner who has yet to achieve 6- or 7-figures in revenue because you lack clarity on the EXACT steps needed to make this happen
  • Or, a founder who has hit the proverbial glass ceiling, working in your business instead of on it, and know you could benefit from implementing proven strategies designed to help you scale and leverage your strengths with confidence


… then it’s time for you to Reinvent your life and your business. Your Reinvention is expedited with ICON MAKER.





The primary purpose of a business is to serve others. But, how do you attract MORE of the people you’re most compelled to serve? Another trick, tactic or shiny object won’t do. That’s why in ICON MAKER, we deploy an array of proven strategies that attract your ideal, eager to work with you, leads like clockwork.



Without a bulletproof sales and conversion process, even the highest quality prospects will fail to convert into paying customers. ICON MAKER arms you with a proven, seamless process for effortlessly enrolling those you’d MOST love to work with into products, programs and services that solve their most pressing problems and generate significant revenue for your business.



When you’re a known entity, it’s easy for clients and customers to find you and invest in your offerings. But, what if you’re unknown? Can you still excel in today’s overcrowded markets? The answer is YES, you absolutely can. ICON MAKER effectively renders your competition irrelevant by putting in place FOR YOU the visibility tools you need to shift from being the world’s best-kept secret to establishing yourself as the go-to authority in your niche.



Steve Olsher - coach

STEVE OLSHER is the Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Podcast Magazine®, creator of ClubPod™ (on Clubhouse — the largest podcast group on ALL social media platforms), creator of PodXpo®, original Chairman & Founder of Liquor.com, online pioneer who launched on CompuServe’s Electronic Mall in 1993, New York Times bestselling author of What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do, real estate developer, creator of The New Media Summit™, host of the #1 rated podcast Reinvention Radio, international keynote speaker, and an in-demand media guest who has appeared on CNN, The Huffington Post, the cover of Foundr Magazine and countless other media outlets.

KELLY POELKER (AKA THE BAD ASS!)  is our President & COO who has been serving as Steve Olsher’s right-hand person for over 6 years. She has been providing high-level customer service, business support,  consulting,  coaching, and event management to businesses and leading entrepreneurs for over 35 years. She’s a pragmatic idealist, bestselling author and visionary with an incomparable track record of helping to facilitate dramatic results for her six- and seven-figure clients while holding them accountable to achieve their business goals and objectives.


Kelly Poelker - coach



Icon Maker® Profit Path

    • Welcome / Introductory VIP Session (up to 90 minutes)
    • Internal audit of marketing material, website, product offering– overall business operations
      • Report of findings and suggested areas of improvement with regard to brand, marketing, target audience, etc
    • Identify Biggest Opportunity
    • Layout Profit Path for biggest opportunity
    • Establish metrics for growth


Icon Maker® Podcast Pro

Designed for the ultimate podcaster — learn both sides of the mic. We’ll show you how to be a great guest, learn how to interview, identify your Topic of Influence, and more.

    • Access to Profiting From Podcasts Online Course
    • Listing in 2022 Ultimate Directory of Podcasters
    • Lifetime listing on PerfectPodcastGuest.com
    • Launch Your Podcast 2-Day Intensive including:
      • Podcast In A Box — microphone, headphones, boom, shock mount — everything you need to get started with great audio!
      • Intro/Outro
      • Cover Art
      • Welcome episode
      • Launch Strategy
      • Submission to Apple Podcasts and a dozen other distribution platforms
      • Production of your first 5 episodes

Investment: $5,997 a la carte or Icon Maker® Profit Path + $4,000 


Sabrina & Jani


“The ICON MAKER program has been a COMPLETE game changer for us and our business. We literally would not be where we are today without them, it’s as simple as that. When we decided to jump – all in – it was a leap of faith. Our entire business and company as a whole is so much better as a result of working with Steve, Kelly, and the whole team, and we look forward to continuing to work together. They encourage us to think differently than we otherwise would, implement what is needed for us to grow and hold us accountable when we need it. THANK YOU!”


“Within 90 days of joining ICON MAKER, I launched my podcast, got two ideal clients in a brand new high-level mentoring program, enrolled twelve clients into my Get Your Book Done Accelerator program AND hosted a brand-new webinar that brought a dozen clients into my publishing company. That’s more than $250,000 in revenue… in three months! ICON  MAKER is much more than ‘launching a podcast’. I got the support, guidance and high-level strategy I needed to very quickly up-level my ENTIRE business. I have no doubt ICON MAKER will help you too.”

Christine Kloser
JP McAvoy


“Steve and his team are the real deal. I so appreciate how they share their knowledge in an honest and straightforward manner. They have made me into “The Millionaire’s Lawyer” and I never could have done it without them, certainly not in the time it has taken to get here. I can’t recommend ICON MAKER enough!”