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Free Training Videos

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My mission is to help you discover your WHAT – that is, the ONE thing you were born to do – and teach you how to share your unique gift with the world and monetize it. Enjoy the free webinars, interviews, podcasts, and presentations you’ll find below.

Bold Mindset

Discover Your What - Part 1 - Identify Your Gifts
Discover Your What - Part 2 - Identify Your People
Discover Your What - Part 3 - Identify Your Vehicle
Derek Rydall Joins Steve To Discuss The Law Of Emergence
Don't Turn Your Passion Into A Career

Bold Money

Advance List Building Strategies
PR For Anyone - Put Your Business In Front Of Millions
3 Steps To Get Prospect Contact You Ready To Say Yes
How To Actually Profit Online
The Partnership Formula - How To Master The Art Of Joint Ventures

Bold Motivation

TedX Presentation - One Choice Away
Live For Awesomeness Fest - How To Discover Your What You Were Born To Do
Embrace The Crazy - It What Makes You Who You Are
What Is Your What?
Bonus: Motivation In Spanish! - Cual Es Tu Que?
And Even More Trainings
And Even More Free Trainings