With everyone and their mother claiming to be an expert or guru or shaman or coach or consultant or specialist about something, allow me to pull back the curtain on how you can do it too… by the end of the week.

1. Identify a subject. (Note that I didn’t say identify a subject you’re passionate about, have extensive knowledge of or have studied for millennia.)

2. Gain a beginner’s level of understanding on one aspect of the subject and possess more knowledge about it than those who are two steps behind you. (Note that I didn’t say you need to know EVERYTHING about the subject… or, hell, even demonstrate any degree of mastery.)

3. Begin sharing your ‘expertise’ with others. Write about it. Teach classes on it. Create products and services that focus on it. Once feedback begins pouring in, clarity on how to best serve those who can benefit from this knowledge is not far behind.

4. Ask for people to PAY YOU to help them gain mastery on the subject.

Wait… I can’t count. That’s only 4 steps… see, it’s easier than you might think.