Creatives, look around. People would not and will not do most jobs UNLESS they get paid. A very FEW jobs (mostly the arts) are so inherently satisfying that many people would do them for free. And they do. What creative person doesn’t want to sing and play piano/guitar, or dance, or act, or sew, or draw or paint or doodle all day and get paid for it?

Problem is, there are more creative people wanting creative jobs than there are patrons to support them. So we artists often give it up for free. We’re satisfied and fulfilled in the creation, but we really want to monetize our creativity. And successfully making a living from “playing” is rare. Possible, but rare.

Here’s one thing to get… It’s still the (semi)free market: Supply/demand. Talent/skill/hard work. Contacts/exposure/luck.

Reality: Creatives want to get paid for doing what we’d do for free (playing), when in almost all cases we only get paid for *working*. That makes total sense to me. Which is why I’ve always tried to strike a working balance by being really good at my Callings, yet not depending solely upon them. I NEVER think that others – or the Universe – owe me a living “because I’m so talented”. Getting paid for doing what I love is a rare privilege, not an entitlement. It must be earned.

I’m happy to say I DO get paid for my Callings. But I also ALWAYS work a part-time job to keep a roof over my head. Every living creature struggles to stay alive. Even we creative humans. It’s part of the nature of the Game. 🙂

— A special guest post from one of my favorite people in the world, Preston Klik. Learn more about Preston HERE…