Hey there – I’m Steve Olsher. Founder, Editor In Chief of Podcast Magazine® and creator of ClubPod™. Man, I’ve got to say, I’m super excited to share with you here today about my friend, Marisa Murgatroyd. I’ve known Marisa now for over eight years, and I remember the very first moment I met her.

Instant Connection 

Steve Olsher

You know how sometimes, you meet someone and you know instantly you want them in your life forever? Like something in your soul just wakes up and you KNOW you were meant to do great things together…

That is exactly how I felt when I first met Marisa. 

What first stood out to me was how exactly on point her branding felt and looked. Honestly, I can say that some businesses aren’t quite there – but Marisa’s team… they get it. Everything she puts out is so on point, it just stands out. 

And when we met, I just thought what an amazing super intelligent, sharp as a whip team that just nails it. From the day we met we have been in touch figuring out ways that we can play together and how we can collaborate to help each of our audiences.

A Different Type of Online Course

The thing Marisa does really well is creating online courses. Not just that, but really teaching people how to share their mission and their message with others. 

What I love (and noticed right out of the gate) is when you become a client of Marisa’s, you’re not just a number or another dollar. Her and her team become truly vested in your success. 

This is the same support she inspires in her customers as well – so you don’t want to just sell a course. You want to sell a course to the right person who is investing in their own success as much as you are. 

Horse vs CarMarisa’s online course method involves your customers in the process and creates a course that reaches those you are most compelled to serve. She also adds in the whole notion of gamification and investment in their success.

Dozens of the world’s top course creators are abandoning the “old” way of doing courses to focus entirely on Marisa’s new “addictive” kind of online course with Dopamine Buttons.

Industry leaders such as Taki Moore, Ed Dale, Mary Morrissey, Eben Pagan and more are profiting handsomely from Marisa’s advice, and if you’re smart, you’ll take advantage of this opportunity too.

It’s like a horse & buggy VS a Formula 1.

Roadmap to a Million-Dollar Course

What if you had the roadmap to a Million-dollar course? 

Exactly what to do, when.

The pitfalls to avoid.

And how to guarantee demand by finding the folks most likely to buy your course.

Course BlueprintMy friend Marisa Murgatroyd’s created a half a dozen Million Dollar courses over the last 6 years, and she’s distilled her unique “process” down into an easy-to-follow Blueprint that will be available for the next couple of days only.

Grab the Million Dollar Online Course Blueprint (while it’s still available)

I’ve just taken a look inside, and my first reaction is WOW.

I just can’t believe the sheer amount of practical, actionable tips and strategies Marisa’s including here.

So if you’re thinking of creating a new course in the coming months, I highly recommend downloading this and listening to what she has to say.


Common Scaling Issues

Plus — there’s more…  At the end of the Blueprint, she addresses THE most common issues that you may be facing as you start to grow your online course sales. 

The Complete Roadmap

Specifically, what to do if:

  • If you’ve never created a course before
  • If you’re not an expert in anything
  • If you’re in a highly niched or specialized industry
  • If you’re not tech-savvy
  • If you don’t have a website
  • If you don’t have a lot of time

Whether you’re an experienced course creator, or just getting started, this blueprint will be essential for your success over the coming 12 months.

It’s Marisa’s proven, complete A-Z process that guarantees you’ll end up with a blockbuster course or digital product.

Get the Million Dollar Online Course Blueprint here now

An All Access Pass

Are you installing “Dopamine Buttons” into your courses, programs or services yet?

It’s the “secret button” inside our brain that holds the key to unlocking more sales for your first (or next course), higher student activity, more success & lucrative repeat sales.

Marisa is re-opening access to her ENTIRE ‘Online Course Creators Workshop’ Series.

  1. The “Dopamine Button” Workshop — “Push button, make money” … But only if you press the right button. Marisa will show you where it is, and how to use it
  2. “Viral Product” Checklist Workshop – “Have your course find its own customers, on autopilot!”
  3. Million Dollar Online Course Workshop – “5 steps for guaranteed online course success”
  4. The 5 Profit-Killing Mistakes Keeping New & Established Course Creators from Online Success (And How to Avoid Them Like a Pro)

It’s all in one place and now’s the time to catch up — especially if you’re thinking of releasing a new online course in 2021…

The Course Creators Secret Swipe File