Yesterday, I shared #10 on my list of 10 core strategies you can leverage to remain inspired and accomplish your New Year’s goals and objectives. Here is #9:


Too often, outside influences dictate our life strategies, desires, or aspirations. This is largely due to the infiltration of media into every moment of our lives. Social media only exacerbates the problem by providing a glimpse behind the curtain as to how ‘the other half’ lives.

Many people create expectations based upon society’s warped view of normalcy. For example:

• The car you should drive.
• The vacations you should take.
• The clothes you should wear.
• What your body should like.
• What your mate’s body should look like.
• The sex you should be having.
• The bling you should be flashing.
• Etc., etc.

It’s easy to become enchanted with the lives of others. It’s certainly fine to be inspired by their accomplishments and to learn from their examples, but when you spend your days obsessing about those you believe are “living the dream,” you lose precious time you could be investing in the creation of your own ideal life.

Consider the goals and objectives you’ve created. Are these your goals? Or, are they based upon what you’ve seen others realize in their lives? Gain clarity and learn to get comfortable in your own skin. In the end, there’s only one race you should be running… yours.