As we approach the end of January, far too many New Year’s resolutions have come and gone. To help you stay the course, I have identified 10 core strategies you can leverage to remain inspired and accomplish your New Year’s goals and objectives. Here is #10:


This requires you to:

• Become consciously aware of strengths and limitations.
• Make a conscious choice about what to do with these strengths and limitations.
• Improve upon, maintain, modify, or eliminate them.

In other words, if you’re a square peg, trying to jam yourself into a round hole will only result in pain. There are innate ways that you are wired to excel. It’s in your DNA… it’s a part of your blueprint.

These natural gifts must be harnessed. Once discovered, you can then improve upon your findings. Likewise, there are limitations to your abilities. If you’re a giraffe, forcing yourself to be an elephant ain’t gonna happen. Be the best damn giraffe you can.